How do you carry
The weight of all the sorrow in this world
How do you cope
With all the pain and people getting hurt

I sometimes feel like I am drowning
In a stream of cruelty and rage
That leads into an ocean
Of violence and hate

Why do you hit your neighbor’s face
And don’t take them by their hand
Instead of causing pointless conflicts
Why don’t you just try to understand

How can we do this to each other
When in truth we’re all the same
Why can’t we solve it all together
Instead of pushing around the blame

Why is it always more important
To know whose fault it is
Than to seek for a solution
That might fix all of this mess

We dropped our moral compass
Everyone is lost and so afraid
We keep on building our walls
And live in prisons we create

There’s so much beauty all around
That we should appreciate much more
But we’re taking it for granted
Instead of peace we still choose war

I often get so tired
When I read all of the news
Our humankind is damaged
We’re all beaten up and bruised

There’s enough for everyone
If we’d only start to share
If we’d reach out to each other
And finally start to care

Everything you do and say
And everything you give
Affects the ones around you
And creates the world in which we live

Yet I have not lost my faith
Though we first might hit the ground
Before true change can come
Before we turn the wheel around