Sunset colors

Sunsets by the sea?Every day please! Click here for more pictures 😉

Back on the island!

I’m back on my magical, hippie island in Thailand and here are the first impressions. Bit of a rainy day but still so so so beautiful! (Here’s more pictures)


Behind every balcony there’s a different lifeDifferent stories how each inhabitant survivesAnd no matter how different or separate they may seemIn the end it’s always the same house they’re all living in ©mywritingtherapy

Adventures calling

On a plane high up in the skyBelow snowcapped mountains are passing byUp here the engines are haulingBut I only hear how foreign adventures are calling @mywritingtherapy


Life often doesn’t draw a precise pictureWe see tiny fragments through the cracksBut trust, with time the structureWill fill in all the blanks ©mywritingtherapy


I will touch you cautiouslyI will touch you slowI will take my time Until we know where this will go A touch may give you pleasureBut it can also cause you painReal Pleasure only comesIf our feelings are the same I do not want to scar your skinI want both our wounds to healBut yet I […]


I do not knowIf we will be togetherThrough any stormThrough any weather But I will try to fall in love with youEvery single day anew ©mywritingtherapy


Trees root downOn solid groundWhile their leaves fly highTo touch the sky Dear one, in order to be freeyou need to seek stability ©mywritingtherapy

Fluid Wisdom

Don’t tell me that water is not aliveThe lakes, the rivers and the oceansFor they have told me more truthThan any human ever did


I feel it deep withina light a glow a shimmering something rooted in my veins that guides me on my ways It’s an inner voice so gentleand it helps me to dismantleall my thoughts my fears my doubts all the bad things that arouse Sometimes quiet hard to hearAt times shouting through my ear At times it bursts out […]

Running meditation

I run and I runLet all the thoughts comeI run and I runTill all thoughts are gone ©mywritingtherapy

Follow your heart

Your heart knows the wayDon’t let your eyes fool youWhile they only see what they knowThe heart perceives what’s way beyond ©mywritingtherapy


As I watch you sleepingI try to find out what I feelCould this be somethingCould this be something real Will we last forever and everAre you the one?And if it gets windyCan we make it through the storm Can we be good to each otherEven at times when it seems that we can’tCan we accept […]

Surf lesson

One woman’swaveIs another woman’swaiting line ©mywritingtherapy


I long to talk about all the things I feelBut it’s too much for manyIf things start to get too realWhen you unpack the garbage in front of their eyesStart to uncover all of the liesAnd you show them what’s really inside your heartThat’s why I put my feelings into my artMy writing, my music, […]

Wilder Mind

With this wilder mindI am the wandering kindMy restless feet take me around I am not made to settle down Always moving never stillDaily routines makes me illA constant hunger for the newInfected with the travel flu Freedom hunter on the moveSearching for a deeper truthForever trying to find outWhat this life is all about Guided […]

Depression pt.2

Lately I’ve been on a rideKind of how a rollercoaster feels likeI got up so high I thought I could fly awayThen dropped so low I though I might not see the end of day And I sat in betweenWatching things I thought can’t be seenLike my life was a movie out of controlI was […]


I’m just so tired Trying to explainThe state that I’m inThat I feel all this pain It’s so dark where I amthe last match has burned outAnd nobody hearsHow I desperately shout And I am so sorryTo put that burden on youYou’re my last resortI don’t know what else to do I need you right […]


Ich bring mein Gesicht so nah an deins heranBis ich die Welt um uns nicht mehr sehen kannDie Konturen verblassen und verlieren ihre SchärfeUnd das Leben lockert seine HärteIch vergess auf einmal alles um mich herumSelbst die lauten Stimmen in meinem Kopf werden plötzlich stummHör nur noch ein leises Pochen aus deiner BrustMein Finger klopft […]

Wie kann Liebe wachsen

Wie kann Liebe wachsenUnd wo bekomme ich die SaatIn meinem Supermarkt um die EckeIm FachhandelOder bestell ich sie besser onlineWie bringe ich sie zum KeimenWelchen Nährboden verwende ich am BestenWie viel Licht braucht sieWie viel AufmerksamkeitWie viel muss ich selber tunUnd wie viel wächst sie ganz von alleineWie weiß ich, wann sie einen neuen Topf […]


Why is it that there are so manyWho love me for meBut for you I’m never enoughAlthough I’ve tried so desperately Why do you persist on trying to changeThe way that I’m livingYou better take me as I am todayBecause tomorrow’s not given It’s so hard to keep up these rolesOf our happy faced masqueradeWhen […]

Get lost

If you don’t know where to goGo get lost

Just one!

I often ask myself whether my writing makes any senseIf the world even cares when I am taking a stanceI guess not, on the first glanceThere are so many writers with a whole lot more fansWho are much better in keeping up the suspenseAnd an advanced skillset at their defenseBut if there is just one […]

Mirror conversation

You don’t need to be perfectYou put that pressure on yourselfYou say to you all those thingsYou would never dare say to anyone else When you look at the mirrorAll you see is faults and flawsConstantly comparing what isTo what once was Wrinkles and linesRed dots and scarsThinning, grey hairToo much weight and stretch marks […]


Wie bist du nur hier reingekommenIch dacht ich hätte alles abgesperrtDoch da stehst du nunMittendrin in meinem Herz Mit dem WillkommenTu ich mir etwas schwerDas letzte Mal, dass jemand hier warIst schon eine Weile her Die Meisten die bis hierher kamenHaben mein Haus in Brand gestecktSeitdem sitz ich in den grauen RestenStill und ganz verschreckt […]

Happiness forensics

When I am sadI sometimes look at photographsOf happy daysI look closelyTrying to findWhat put that smile on my face @mywritngtherapy


I bow to all the womenWho walk this path with meWho reign their livesSo strong and fierce and gracefully I bow to all my sistersWho suffered all this painIn a world so full of madnessThey stay calm, compassionate and sane I bow to all the girlsWho manage to grow upAnd no man or rule or […]


And todayI am just going to watch as the sun movesfrom startto finish ©mywritingtherapy


Ich glaube nicht an WorteTaten sind meine ReligionSo viele schmücken ihre Lippen mit der LiebeBis zu ihrem Herzen geht sie aber meist verlor’n Netzte, gewebt aus großen WortenMit dem Versprechen mich zu fangenDoch durch die großen LückenBin ich oft schon durchgefallen Also versprich mir bitte nichtsUnd komm mir nicht mit SchwürenBleib einfach hier an meiner […]

Perfectly flawed

Stop being hard on yourselfFor things you can’t controlFor being imperfectly humanThat flaw lies within us all And only if we rise aboveAnd gift the others lenienceCan we count on their respectWhen we fail to handle our things We all strife for perfectionAnd ask for nothing lessWhen we should foster patienceAnd practice steady humbleness For […]

Autumn wind

The time when temperatures decreasethe time when leaves depart their treesthe time when summer turns to fallthat’s when I start to hear the call The autumn wind whispers againpredicting tales of winter’s painstill holds hints of summer’s sunand it hollows I should run It swept me off my feet beforeso I am not scared anymorewhat […]

Shades of solitude

I do not mind being aloneI do mind being left alone ©mywritingtherapy

Gehst du neben mir

Gehst du neben mirEinen Teil von meinem WegVielleicht auch bis zum EndeWir schauen mal, bis wohin der Wind uns trägt Ich spüre du hast AngstWeil du nicht weißt, was das hier istUnd du dich davor fürchtestDass du am Ende wieder gebrochen und alleine bist Wir kommen aber nicht ins rollenSelbst wenn der Wind uns kräftig […]


If our live’s stories were booksThen I would say that most of the people you are going to meet will only read the blurbA few might take a peek at the index and headlines to get an overviewEven less will go online and do a little research thereCheck reviews and short summariesAnd probably only a […]


Über den Hügeln brennt bereits das AbendrotVerkündet schleichend: Der Sommer, der ist tot!Mit einem Schaudern wird es mir bewusstVerschränk die Arme schützend vor der BrustDurch die Flammen zieht auch schon der kühle AbendwindReißt mich hoch und treibt mich heim geschwind ©mywritingtherapy

Defining moments

Some connections are only meant to last a momentBut their memories will shape a lifetime ©mywritingtherapy

Solange die Liebe uns trägt

Oft bricht die Welt mir mit voller Wucht das HerzOft denk ich, es zerreisst mich all dieser Schmerz Oft kann ich einfach nur liegen und die Luft in mir spür’nOft hoff ich, dass all unsre Wege uns bald aus der Dunkelheit führ’n Aber manchmal da weiß ich, es wird alles gutDann raff ich mich auf […]

Expectational freedom

Freedom is giving yourself to the worldWithout expecting anything in returnBecause expectations are windowless prisonsthat minimize your capacity for experiences ©mywritingtherapy


How magical this life is!This life which they told me was full ofrestrictions, hardship, impossibilitiesBut look! It is possibleIt is possible to liveAren’t we here to do just thatTo breathe, to feel, to recognizeTo wonder, to stumble to fall and get up againTo take our steps on this timeline we getNever knowing which will be […]


I would like to write a song about you
How much better you make my life
But for now you’re just a dream
I am still waiting for you to arrive


When I lost controlI built myself a cageA prison within my own bodyConfined by the surface of my skinA tiny cellOver which I ruledWith strict controlI guarded the boarders constantlySo that they would not expandI would wrap my fingers around my wristA circle to measure if everything was still in placeProof that I had not […]


So gern würd ich dir beschreiben, was ich sehSchmuckvolle Worte finden, damit auch ich die Welt besser verstehWie die Wolken weich drapiert auf den Gipfeln liegenSich die Grashalme federleicht im Sommerwind wiegenWie die Berge mit stolzer Anmut so viel Geschichte tragenAber keines meiner Worte reicht aus, um zu sagenWas sich bei diesem Anblick in meinem […]


Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginableMary Oliver


The air is hot and heavyThickened with anger and with rageThe battles sheer seem endlessIn this day and age We think we’ve come so farAs a human raceBut all of it is worthlessIf we still judge each other by the color of our face So, drop your arms and weaponsIt is time to manifestThe freedom […]

Heart Wisdom

You are constantly waiting for a knock on your doorFrom someone who comes to tell youWhat life is aboutAll of your attention is drawn to that expectationAnd so you missThat your most important visitor is already insideConstantly knocking on your chestTelling you on an average of 80 times per minuteWhat life is about ©mywritingtherapy

Cry for change

How do you carryThe weight of all the sorrow in this worldHow do you copeWith all the pain and people getting hurt I sometimes feel like I am drowningIn a stream of cruelty and rageThat leads into an oceanOf violence and hate Why do you hit your neighbor’s faceAnd don’t take them by their handInstead […]


Wenn meine eignen Worte mir nicht reichenDann wend ich mich den Büchern zuWo meine Gedanken sich mit deren Andrer gleichenBettet meine Einsamkeit sich sanft zur Ruh Getrennt durch die JahrzehnteFühr’n wir unsren stummen DialogIch, die sich nach Gleichgesinnten sehnteUnd der Autor, der längst tot Trotz all der Runden die der Zeiger seither drehteDas einst Notierte […]

Call me a dreamer

Now we know, how fast something can spread from one single human to another into every corner of the world Now imagine what would happen if we started spreading love, kindness and compassion … ©mywritingtherapy

Dancing in the dark

Deep down where all the lights are out There’s only one way left Straight through all the darkness Where all our fears are kept With my arms and heart open I let myself fall Embracing the shadows For they are all a part of my soul And in the dim I will dance With each […]

I found myself

I set out to find someone Who would understand me Who would share this life with me With all of it’s precious moments Who would wipe away my tears on rough days Who would bring joy and excitement Who would take my hand to show me the way When I got lost Who could see […]

At the end of the day

  Dandelion: “Will you come back tomorrow?” Sun: “Every single day, my dear!”


Wenn deine Realität plötzlich zusammenbricht Und alles was du weißt, ist dir auf einmal fremd Wenn die Welt nicht mehr die Selbe ist Weil du nichts und niemanden mehr kennst Wer bist du denn, wenn alle andren gehen Und du plötzlich ganz allein dasitzt Und dich das einzige vertraute Gesicht Aus der Regenpfütze unter dir […]

How does love grow

How does love grow And where do I get the seed Can I get it at the store around the corner Or do I order it online Where do I have to plant it What kind of soil do I have to use How much light does it need How much attention How much nourishment […]

One world

Hopefully this situation makes people realize That we are not living on Planet Europe, Planet America, Planet Asia, Planet Australia, Planet Africa, Planet New Zealand, Planet Antarctica We all live on Planet Earth TOGETHER ©mywritingtherapy

Weißes Blatt Papier

Hallo weißes Blatt Papier Ich weiß ich war lang nicht mehr hier Die Muse hat mich einfach so verlassen Ich kann es immer noch nicht fassen Aber während ich nun wider vor dir sitze Gedankenverloren meinen Bleistift spitze Merk ich, wie schnell man in dieser lauten Welt vergisst Wie sehr man etwas eigentlich vermisst Es […]

Without a fight

You think I am always happy Just because I have a smile on my face You think I am never worried Just because I never complain No, life hurts Sometimes it hurts so much that I can not breath It throws daggers at me that cut wounds in my skin Leaving scars all over my […]

Heavy stuff

In my heavy moments I pick up the pen in hopes of unloading my feelings by writing them down But then I stop because the paper could never hold all of this weight ©mywritingtherapy


These times leave me speechless Maybe because my words exploded in surprise like a firecracker Maybe because my words vanished in uncertaintyMaybe because my words have frozen in shockMaybe because my words burned in all this anger Maybe because my words drowned in all those tears Maybe because my words are hiding in fear Maybe […]

Unknown roads

Unknown roadslead tounknown goals ©mywritingtherapy


When I travel It’s like walking through the door Setting foot on my apartment floor Airports, Bus stops  are the entrance gates  into my outbound real estate I’m living midst the beauty of this earth  A place of invaluable worth And as I’m walking down the hall  There’s foreign places behind every wall I just step […]

Volume ≠ Value

The Volume of your speech won’t enhance the value of your words ©mywritingtherapy

Under my blanket

Come under my blanketCome lie here with meI am hiding hereI don’t want the world to seeHow I really feel insideAnd how much I am hurtingPeople want to see me smileBut I’m so tired of pretending Come lie here with meCome please take my handI do not know whyBut I think that you might understandWhy […]


No matter how dark the road No matter how far It doesn’t really mater As long as I can play my piano or the guitar Music has showed me the way Even on my loneliest day It uncovers grace Even in the most desperate place So I walk my life’s lane Through sunshine and rain […]


Viel zu zäh verrinnt die Zeit Ist eingehüllt in ein gar graues Kleid Die Stunden wirken fahl und ausgebleicht Ein jeder Tag dem andern gleicht Wo ist des Frühlings Frische hin Vorbei der lieblich, leichte Lebenssinn Vom Baum weht es das letzte Blatt Das den letzten Schimmer Farbe aufgetragen hat Die Menschen vor mir auf […]


Words can be feathers Whispered softly onto our skin Words can be rockets Lifting us up into the air Words can be floods Washing away all our sorrows Words can be swords Stabbing us into our hearts Words can be fires Burning down everything we think we know Words can be treasures Collected in our […]

Love sewed gown

Love often dresses me in a fashionI usually would never wearToo tight and too revealingClumsy and out of controlI feel foreign within my own skin Oh but is there someoneWith whom I can dance jauntyIn this precious love sewed gown ©mywritingtherapy

House in the rain

A space made up of our memories Creating walls wherein we live Faded moments still lingering around In the corners of our hearts and minds Lucid shadows with a strong grip Controlling every move we make From beginning till end Moment after moment is added up to the pile Of our life’s mystery Getting heavier […]


Everything will fall into place life will always find the right ways there’s nothing to worry if  you trust in life’s flow so send out your wishes and they will come back to you ©mywritingtherapy

Dress up

Kids dress up because they want to have fun Adults dress up because they forgot who they are ©mywritingtherapy

The book of life

Another chapter is coming to an end containing last year’s memories of all the times well spent As I leaf through all the pages before I write the final words I’m reading all the stories rediscovering my former thoughts Pages filled with joy pages filled with tears pages filled with hope pages filled with fears […]


I often dream of that bed In which we lay Undone White Sheets twisted and turned Pillows scattered all over the floor Our bodies Sprawled in between Still Naked Covered only with a light layer of sweat Closed eyes Darkness Shutting out the world Space Filled with every sensation in our bodies Electrifying shivers Vibrating […]

Falling in place

You can watch the sun throughout the day As she makes her way alone across the clear blue sky without witnessing any movement But in that small span during sunsets as she approaches the horizon It even appears as if she is picking up speed To get to the finish line melting into the ground […]

Mental Maze

What’s going on inside your head Which thoughts you hide so desperate So caught up that you ignore When someone’s knocking at your door You don’t let anybody in into this mental maze in which you’re wandering Lead by misery and doubt You’ve lost the sense for your way out Every new direction that you […]

Dear road

Dear roadSo long and so wideYou’ve been my companionOn so many rides You’re a good oneWe always got along fineYou showed me the worldI just had to follow your line I took your leadEven on your bumpiest waysAnd with each detourYou brought me right to this place I would not be hereIf it weren’t for […]


Just when you think The whole story is screwed A new chapter commences Just when you thinkThis is the darkest nightA new day dawns Just when you think The last petal has fallen A new bud blossoms ©mywritingtherapy


I need to be quiet To hear the world talking ©mywritingtherapy

I’ll help you back

I know the sadness that you feel and the hole in which you fell It all sounds quite familiar because I have spent some hours there as well It feels cold and it feels lonely there’s not a single beam of light It’s filled with fears and all your dark thoughts and you’re just too […]

State of the heart

A narrow heart and a narrow mind breed emotions and thoughts of a narrow kind An open heart and an open mind nurture emotions and thoughts of an open kind ©mywritingtherapy

Wild Mustang

Do not try to tie me downCause while you go to get the ropeI’m already gone ©mywritingtherapy

Time management

I do not have time for people Who always know what’s best for me Without spending one second on knowing who I am ©mywritingtherapy


I am a lioness I will fight till the end Quietly and with pride You won’t see me struggling You won’t see my weakness I will display my strength My endurance My fierceness With every fiber of my being I will keep up the facade Until I am too fatigued to cry for help


Ich glaub ich hab mich verlaufen Ich glaub ich weiß nicht wo hin Kannst du mir vielleicht sagen Was all das hier bringt Ich glaub ich bin falsch abgebogen Ich glaub ich ich bin eine Straße zu weit Kann ich dich mal was fragen Ist das normal, diese Einsamkeit Ich glaub ich bin nicht wie […]

The well

My love is not limited It springs from a far rooted well Deep within my heart From where I pull One bucket after the other Endlessly I pour it all around me So everything can flourish Equally It does not require much force It flows Effortlessly So do not be jealous When I pour my […]

Summerday’s remnants

In clear cold waterGently carried by the wavesFloat the memoriesOf those two summer days ©mywritingtherapy


Destination Daydream traveling on a train track of thoughts while world’s visions vanish ©mywritingtherapy


Nach langer weiter Reise Komm ich endlich hier zu Ruh Den Bergen so gewaltig und so leise Schau ich nun beim Schweigen zu Obwohl sie hier schon ewig steh’n Ungebeugt von Sturm und Wind Hab’n sie so viel mehr geseh’n Als ich weit gereistes Menschenkind Eine Weile will ich bleiben Lass die Welt an mir […]


Come with me Close to the sea Let’s get washed away Unto a place we want to to stay ©mywritingtherapy


Today I can not pretend That I am ok The world got too heavy To handle again I’m trying to put on a smile On my face But it just feels like my mouth fell out of place I’m trying to be Polite, friendly and kind But I scream ‚screw you all‘ In my mind […]

Today I am in love

Today I am little bit in love with the thin blond hair that tickles my nose while it flies in late summerday’s wind Today I am a little bit in love with the shadow of the leaves that project marks like a flickering tattoo on my suntanned skin Today I am a little bit in […]


Going nowhere is my favorite direction ©mywritingtherapy

Sensation diary

When I look at my photographs From places far away It’s as if my feet touch the sand The scent of the open world starts to swirl about my nose Contentment softly strokes my skin My hair gets whirled by freedom’s breeze Rays of wonder start to blind my eyes My heart beat races against […]


This vivid world inside my head I’ll paint it for you with my words ©mywritingtherapy

Blue Balloon

While I dream of finding back home I watch a helium filled blue ballon On his flight across the cloud sprinkled sky Leaving solid grounds and reaching up high Maybe in order to find your way home You first have to wander off on your own Leaving familiar faces and blinding believes To find out […]

Just one step

It has never felt this easy I did not know I could be free Just one step out the doorway There’s so much for me to see On the journey, down the road flying airplanes, rowing boats Just take me where I feel alive I don’t care how long I have to drive In solitude […]

Relationship battlefield

We’re sitting in the trenches of two opposing sides fighting a battle no one started and no one is going to win Our weapons are our words and actions that we shoot blindly from our holes unable to see where we hit the other side The green grass where we once played has turned into […]

My favorite books

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.” â€• Charles W. Eliot Books are my most valued companions wherever I go and I usually carry at least one of these paper buddies with me at all times. I could browse through […]

Under the apple tree

Under the apple tree from where I write I witness a dance between shadow and light lead by wind’s whisper they sprinkle the stage beneath the hovering pen and on the blank page Lady Light in her round, yellow gown Sir shadow in grey fills up the space all around While he forever stays firm […]


If you run away from your shadowIt will only grow taller and tallerAnd more frighteningAs its edges start to blurrBut if you start to run towards it It will become smaller and smallerAnd more preciseAs its edges start to sharpenThen you will realizeThat it is you who decidesHow much power your shadow has over you […]

Cry for change

How do you carryThe weight of all the sorrow in this worldHow do you copeWith all the pain and people getting hurt I sometimes feel like I am drowning In a stream of cruelty and rage That leads into an ocean Of violence and hate Why do you hit your neighbor’s faceAnd don’t take them […]

The eagle

This morning I watched an eagle pass by my balcony I admired his grace As he floated in the wind so effortlessly I asked how could I get so wild and free To put my life on thin air To trust the flow as he His wings spread wide He presents himself fully with pride […]

Glitter and pink

I do not know how to live life the right way I also do not have a plan where it might lead In fact I have not the slightest idea  what the hell I am doing here And where I am supposed to go Sometimes I get so tired of trying to figure it out […]

Life lover

I haven’t found the love of my life I have found to love my life ©mywritingtherapy

Sit and wait

It is quiet on the mountain It is quiet by the lake It is quiet at the seashore Where I just sit and wait Where I sit and wait for thoughts Where I sit and wait for words Where I sit and wait so long Until it starts to hurt Until all of my feelings […]

Notre Dame

Oh our dear Lady We were not yet ready To see you go down in flames and ashes Through which your iron heart still gracefully flashes So many centuries passed by your rosetta’s eyes Wherein you wittnessed war, peace, intrigues and lies Your womb housed birth, marriage and death Sinners sought forgivness under your roses’ […]


I do not know if we will be together through any storm, through any weather But I will try to fall in love with you every single day anew ©mywritingtherapy

Body language

Our lips might use a different tongue but our bodies speak the same language ©mywritingtherapy

Love will find you

Love will find you Love will find you in the most lonely situations Love will find you in the biggest crisis Love will find you in the most fundamental doubts Love will find you through the heaviest rain Love will find you in the biggest storm Love will find you in the deepest despair Love […]

Peel down the layers

Peel down the layers One by one Get to the core To your essence To what you have been along Before they came and covered your skin with fabrics and colors never designed for you never your size You came here already complete You don’t need a costume You don’t need camouflage You don’t need […]


You can not hurt me the past built me an armour made from pieces of my broken heart ©mywritingtherapy

Wild thunder

I am a wild thunder of emotions Uncountable and untamed they storm within me over me and out of me It is my temperament Nothing I can escape But you told me to keep it at bay Because you could not handle all of me So I let myself be tamed I locked it all […]

Water therapy

I need to feel the ocean or else my mind runs dry ©mywritingtherapy

I wake up early

I wake up earlyto witnessHow darkness turns into lightHow the world awakensHow new life beginsIn an endless circleDay and night, night and daytaking their turns in an infinite playTwo forces so vigorousThat even the sky’s boundless stageis only big enough for each at a timeInstead of outplaying the otherthey share their space equallyEveryone presents their […]

Just create it

You ask me how I came to live this life I’m living Well I guess I just created it Recently a couple of people have been asking me how I am able to afford my travels and how I came to live my current travel lifestyle and somehow this question always triggers me and also […]

Broken heart rehab

Once upon a timeMy heart got brokenAnd over the yearsI tried to press it together againBy putting clay all over itOne layer after the otherTo build a protective frame But one dayMy heart had outgrown its dried up shellAnd the shield burst into bits and piecesLaying its protégée bareBut my heart was still damagedIt could […]


I am not just a body to serve all of your pleasures I am not just a vessel to hold all of your desires I am not just a canvas for your lust’s projections I am not just a toy you can fool around with anytime I am not just a mouth for your lips […]

Danit – Nauraleza

I just quickly wanted to share a beautiful song that I had on repeat constantly for the past couple of days. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Danit – Naturaleza (Mose Edit) Spotify Soundcloud And also a big, big, big thanks to everyone who is hanging out with me and my thoughts […]


I will not tell you That I am going to miss you It will only burden your back with the bittersweet weight of regret I want to send you on your way with a light and open heart and an empty bag to be filled with growth and joy But I will tell you That […]

Take me out to dance

Take me out to danceAmong the stars eye’s glanceSwirl me aroundUntil we lose the groundTurn me till we lose our sightLet’s forget where’s left and rightLet’s unlearn everything we think we knowUntil we are carried only by our natural flowLet’s get lost in universe’s boundless frameUntil we find ourselves in each other again ©mywritingtherapy

The wind

I was a leaf hanging motionless on a tree You were the wind and when you came I started to dance ©mywritingtherapy

The ones I love

How come I keep my distance To the ones I’d love to be close How come I become quiet Next to the ones I’d love to tell everything How come I look away From the ones I’d love to see all the time How come I am paralyzed among the ones I’d love to dance […]


In stillness I hear my heartbeat The breath follows its rhythm And my mind is at peace ©mywritingtherapy

Cleaning advice

Before you go around sweeping other people’s doorstep You should test the broom in front of your own door first ©mywritingtherapy

Zeit und Raum

Gib mir die Zeit, das alles zu fassen Gib mir die Zeit, mir meine Gedanken zu machen Gib mir die Zeit, um meinen Rhythmus zu finden Gib mir die Zeit, meine Grenzen zu überwinden Gib mir die Zeit, um zu wachsen Gib mir die Zeit, meine Gefühle zu takten Gib mir die Zeit, zu verstehen […]

Start to run

You live this life From day to day Stuck in foreign circles Never finding your own way You are looking for the answers For something to believe For someone who will tell you Where all of this will lead And you hear this tiny voice At the far end of your head But you think […]

Monkey mind off

I sat down today and told myself not to worry so much life’s just too short for that kind of stuff ©mywritingtherapy

In between the dark

In between the darkIn a streak of lightA feline shadow hidesWatching day turn into night ©mywritingtherapy

Real talk

I do not want another sweet message I can not feel your tenderness through a screen I want your words to reach my ears and not my eyes I want to see your smile and not your emoji’s I want your hands to touch my skin and not your keyboard I want a connection between […]

Finding love

I believe love occurswhen people are looking for the same thingand then find it in each other ©mywritingtherapy

One page romance

Ours was not the story of an eternal love novel with grand gestures rose paddle romance or midnight fireworks It was more kind of a one pager of shy glances at bus stops and timid hellos in hallways Nevertheless reading it was worth just the same ©mywritingtherapy

Your choice

If you treat me like an object I’ll have not feelings in return If you treat me like a woman I’ll make you feel like a man ©mywritingtherapy

I’m not lost

No, I’m not lost I’m not running away I just haven’t found The place where I want to stay ©mywritingtherapy

Pleasures vs. Happiness

Pleasures will come and go leaving a gap behind you have to fill again and again Happiness will stay with you forming a stable ground you can rely on again and again ©mywritingtherapy

Future lover

Future LoverThis one’s going to be toughCause the road till here was roughI often crashed and broke my heartAnd my dream filled waggon fell apartIt lay there upside downNext to high hopes scattered on the ground But I thinkI got it fixedFuture loverYou’re up next ©mywritingtherapy


With the pen in my handI wait for thoughts to releaseBut there is nothing to writeBecause my mind is at ease I got rid of it allLeft my troubles at homeThere’s no room for old baggageOn this journey to grow Yet the path is unclearI don’t know where to goBut when I finally get thereI […]

Truth be told

I am happybecause I choose to beit does not comeeffortlessly ©mywritingtherapy

What you’re looking for?

If you’re just looking for a kissthen darling, you are at the wrong addressIf you’re looking just for methen I’ll come downstairsso we can speak ©mywritingtherapy


People around mesometimes talk so muchso I stay quietto prevent the airfrom getting pollutedby too many words ©mywritingtherapy

The lover’s dance

The lover’s dance does not require a choreographyWithout fixed movementThe motion flows fluid and freeFor no couple can be comparedIt’s a unique performanceWhich can not be sharedA choreography is made out of limited and well known stepsBut the lover’s dance should be much moreIt goes beyond familiar preceptsIt should bend our believes and stretch our […]

Love hurts, Love heals

People loving you the mostMay sometimes hurt you just the sameBy learning to forgive themYou can cure each other’s pain ©mywritingtherapy

The bird

No I’m not a small birdyou can put into a cageand I’m also not a lost soulasking for the wayAnd I’m also not a poor thingneeding to be safedI am surely not a treasurethat you can lock awayI’m also not a paintingI don’t fit into one frameAnd I ain’t a boat that’s sinkingcalling to be […]

If you really care to know

I am tired of people telling me that I am closed upThat I am not putting my heart out thereThat I am not showing who I truly amWhen in fact it is themWho do not look closelyWho do not listen carefullyWho are mostly so absorbed with their own egoThat there is no space for anyone […]

Source of inspiration

What nurtures your soulWhat nurtures your heartWhat leads your dry mouthLonging for inspiration and thoughtTo the refreshing springWhere all of those words in clarity swimIs it a guiding voice from outsideWhose visit you constantly wish forBut can not inviteOr does it hide deep withinA subtle companionOnly arising when you are stillYou might never knowwhere it […]


You are looking for someoneWho understands youWho knows what you are going throughWho can tell you what to do?Listen to your bodyIt has been with you through it all ©mywritingtherapy


If this lifehas caused you so much painWhy do you desperately try to convince meto go down the same path ©mywritingtherapy

The Keys

Wherever I goI always miss those keysThe feeling when my fingers touch the smooth, polished surfaceThe moment before I push them downIt is filled with silenceBut already holds all the tones that are about to comeA pauseBefore I pour my heart all over itAnd then with a soft pressureThe first note escapesBreaking the stillnessThe first […]


Floating on fluid freedom weightlessly embraced by clarity ©mywritingtherapy

Traveler’s heart

I wonderhow much of my heart is leftcause every time I goI leave a piece behind ©mywritingtherapy

There is a woman inside of me

There is a woman inside of meWho I am trying to findWho I am trying to be She is kind and so full of loveShe needs no outside approvalBeing herself is perfect enough She likes to stay quiet and calmFull of mysteryWith an irresistible charm She is the balanced kindBoth soft and strongWith an equanimous […]

So, what’s your job? / Herzsache

On my trip to Mexico in 2017 I met a German guy in my hostel and we decided to explore some Mayan ruins together. Of course I first asked him what his job was and and we talked a round about his and my profession. But only at the end of the day we spent […]

Surf lesson

One man’swaveis another man’swaiting line ©mywritingtherapy

I am scared

I am scared to live this life of endless possibilitiesSo scared that I will drownThat it will just crash over meBurying me underneath it all I am scared to let go of everything I knowTo make spaceSo what is meant to beHas room and time to grow I am scared that I will go the […]

Self destructive love

“Stop!”,my heart begged.“No more breaking, please!”But I already hugged the next guywith a hammer in his hand ©mywritingtherapy

Mary Oliver – The Journey

Mary Oliver – The Journey One day you finally knew What you had to do, and began, Though the voices around you Kept shouting Their bad advice‚ Though the whole house Began to tremble And you felt the old tug At your ankles. “Mend my life!” Each voice cried. But you didn’t stop. You knew […]

The best person you can be

The world around you Looks different for everyone Because you will always see itThrough your own eyes Through your own thoughts Through your own believes Through your own judgment Through your own personality So if you want to see a better world You have to see it through the eyes Of the best person you […]

I am blessed

I am blessedfor all the magical placesthat I get to go I am blessedfor all the magnificent facesthat I get to know ©mywritingtherapy

The soul

Yesterday evening a local Band from Sri Lanka played at the hotel I was staying and their songs, lyrics and also the lead singer’s voice really really blew my mind (Yes, they might have a new groupie now). And I did not want to withhold them from you. They are called ‘The Soul’ and recently […]

Worship every page

Your whole life’s storyis bound in one bookcombining all chaptersgood and bad So if you tear out the pagesfilledwith fear,with pain,with doubtand with regretthe whole thing will fall apart ©mywritingtherapy

Der rechte Fleck

Und ich laufe durch die Nachtbin von der Stille aufgewachtHab keinen Weg und auch kein ZielLicht aus, die Dunkelheit verrät nicht viel Beim Aufbruch hab ich niemanden gewecktAus Angst sie hielten mich zurückHab’s fast nicht aus der Tür geschafftund mich am Ende doch noch aufgerafft Jetzt wander ich allein umherkein Mensch hier, die Straßen leerMeine […]


You do not have to travel farto experience something newthere is a whole worldof breathtaking beautyup in your headready to be explored ©mywritingtherapy

Distance / Time / Oblivion

DISTANCEis just an eight letter wordthat won’t keep us apartRegardless where I goI keep you in my heart TIMEis just a four letter wordThat won’t come in betweenany of our momentsand how you make me feel OBLIVIONis just an eight letter wordnot able to erasethe stories that we shareand the memory of your face

Understanding silence

In the breaks of our conversation In the gaps of sentences In between our words In the pauses In silence I started to hear you ©mywritingtherapy


In the beginningI always get insecuredubious doubts disturb my mindWhat are you doing?What is all this for?Why do you always leave your comfortzone?But then I go outsideto take a breathof this air filled withadventure and discoveryand the overwhelming scent offreedomAnd immediately I knowwhy I’m on the road again ©mywritingtherapy I’ve been in Colombo for three […]

So viele Leute

So viele Leute sagen es ist falsch was ich tuSo viele Leute geben ungefragt ihren unnötigen Senf mit dazuSo viele Leute suchen die Fehler lieber bei anderen und nicht bei sich selbstSo viele Leute kapieren nicht worum es geht auf dieser WeltSo viele Leute die immer wissen wie’s bei allen anderen besser gehtSo viele Leute […]

Sri Lanka, here I come!

New adventures ahead! I am currently on a train to the airport in Vienna catching a plane to Sri Lanka where I’ll be spending the next months. There’s no return date yet. First stop will be a 10 day vipassana meditation course and then I’ll probably head south to catch some waves and thoughts to […]

The greatest wealth in life

The greatest wealth in life can not be spent but it will provide you a home it will keep you warm and protected it will nourish you with the most exquisit tastes and it will give you more than money could ever buy The greatest wealth in life are alle the beautiful souls around you […]

Unexpected affection

Yesterday outside I saw this couple leaning against a wall as she got up on her tiptoes to reach and kiss his nose he put his hand around her hips to lift and kiss her cheek ©mywritingtherapy

Words in progress

As I sat beneath the starlit sky a group of wandering words rained down they landed on my head and crawled beneath my skin for shelter there they mingled, danced and intertwined forming strong and meaningful connections combined in graceful harmony they then slid down into my hand to flow out gently one by one […]

If I could go back

If I could go back and talk to the girl I used to be I would start by telling her that life is full of ever changing mystery and as far as I know now it probably takes more than a lifetime to find out what it all means. But I would go on by […]

Watch out

We are all so dictated by this thing called TIME Minutes, hours, months and years Govern our lives But they are all made up A manmade illusion Obviously, The rivers will still run The air will still flow The world will still turn The sun will still rise Long after all our clocks stopped ticking […]


The sound of warm summer rain in my ear Washes away transient thoughts And leaves my mind fresh and clear ©mywritingtherapy


I usually do not know where the words will take me They just show up At any place or time they take my hand and invite me to come with them While I throw breadcrumbs on the way they guide me to the depths of my mind To places I haven’t been before where they […]

Love nest

I want to lie next to you on a big mattress of security wrapped in a light blanket of trust our heads resting on a soft pillow of mutual understanding under a weightless ceiling of endless possibilities surrounded by the sweet scent of sunlit sunday mornings and the harmonized beat of our love filled hearts […]