How does love grow
And where do I get the seed
Can I get it at the store around the corner
Or do I order it online
Where do I have to plant it
What kind of soil do I have to use
How much light does it need
How much attention
How much nourishment
How much do I have to do
And how much does it grow on its own
How do I know if it needs a new pot
When it’s roots have grown so big
That it takes up more space than before
What If I decide to change and move
Does it grow with me into the same direction
Can it adapt to a new environment
is it sometimes better to leave it behind
Or should I sacrifice myself so it can stay
In its familiar surroundings
What if I forget to water it
How fast does it run dry
How long after can I still safe it
What kind of fertilizer do I use
Is it good to talk to it
Or just let it be
to naturally heal on its own
And if it is dying
Is it worth fighting for
And for how long
When do I know
That no new life will come
out of these dead stems any more
And what do I do with it if it is so
Do I just throw it away immediately
Or do I let the dried out branches linger around
Watering the dead soil
Denying that it has ceased to exist
How long do I have to mourn
And be reminded of our time together
in every other plant I see
When is the right time to accept
When is the right time to let go
When is the right time to plant a new seed