I wake up early
to witness
How darkness turns into light
How the world awakens
How new life begins
In an endless circle
Day and night, night and day
taking their turns in an infinite play
Two forces so vigorous
That even the sky’s boundless stage
is only big enough for each at a time
Instead of outplaying the other
they share their space equally
Everyone presents their act
in their own time
Without interruption
Each waiting silently behind the scenes
Until it is their turn again
No fight, No war, No envy
Just awe and respect
for their divine counterpart
The roles are distributed fairly
One could not perform without the other
The play would be incomplete
And in the small glimpse
when night exits and day enters
In the short marriage
of darkness and light
They bear an ascending awakening of life
Every day anew
So I wake up early
To witness the infinite play
Of day and night