If I could go back and talk to the girl I used to be I would start by telling her that life is full of ever changing mystery and as far as I know now it probably takes more than a lifetime to find out what it all means. But I would go on by telling her that within this time she is given she should always dare to dream and always trust and believe that life will guide and lead her exactly to where she needs to be. I would also confront her with the truth and that this road she has ahead of her will be very rough and exhausting at times and that she will get hurt and bruised along the way. But I would also make damn sure she knows that she already has every weapon within her to fight and overcome all of these downfalls and that she will rise from all of them stronger and more beautiful than she was before. I would tell her that if she stays true to herself and listens to her own heart she will always be right. Even if her opinion is contrary to what everyone around is saying she should follow her gut. Because no one else but herself will ever know what is right or wrong for her. I would also tell her that her aim should never ever be to become perfect because she is enough and so much more than perfect already. The only thing she should aim for is to always give her own very best. But that the shape of her very best can change every day, every hour and even every minute. So sometimes she will feel strong and powerful, ready to conquer the world and sometimes maybe just breathing is all she can do and then that’s enough too. And I would tell her that she should always fight for and follow her dreams and to put love and passion into everything she does. And if that is not available for something it might just not be right for her and that it is also ok to let go. To let go of dreams and believes and of people and of places that no longer serve her. I would tell her that she will learn that she is neither able to change the whole world nor another person. But with her words and actions she has the tremendous power to transform herself and her surroundings into something better and more beautiful and with that she can inspire others to do the same. I would tell her that there will be a lot and different kinds of people coming into her life but it is always upon her to decide who deserves the right to stay and who has to leave her world again. And that no matter who they are or how they treat her she can learn from each one of these encounters. And that often those who have different views, beliefs and opinions than her own turn out to be the best teachers.

If I could go back to the girl I used to be I would tell her that some of her plans will not work out and that her story will be rewritten again and again because the only constant thing in life is change. And that she should never be worried or afraid if things fall apart or come to an end because every single stage of her life is a beautiful and important but also tiny fragment of a big, magnificent mosaik. And one day when she looks back on all the adventures she had it will be whole and all the pieces will fit perfectly. And if she lived her life to the fullest not being directed by worries or fear but by staying true to herself with an open heart and an open mind she might even get a glimpse of what it all means.

If I could go back to the girl I used to be I would hug her and tell her I love her and that I am so grateful for her helping me to become the woman I am today. And we would both turn our gaze forward excited to meet all the wonderful women this life will still turn us into.