You ask me how I came
to live this life I’m living
Well I guess
I just created it

Recently a couple of people have been asking me how I am able to afford my travels and how I came to live my current travel lifestyle and somehow this question always triggers me and also makes me very uncomfortable. Honestly, I have no clue how I ended up where I am right now. I did not consciously choose this path it just somehow happened. A couple of years ago I just started to listen to my heart and to follow my gut feeling and to switch off all worries and fearful thoughts and since then things have been unravelling sort of magically. What I am doing now might seem exotic and maybe also crazy to some people but it is my normal reality which I just created for myself. There is not one right way to live life on this beautiful planet there are in fact as many ways as there are people. Everyone has to decide what feels right for them and what he or she wants to do with this time they are given here. I can just advise you that if you believe in it everything is possible and that we sometimes just have to step out of our limited thinking and also out of our comfort zone. It’s not always happy beach and sunshine here. It is also a struggle to be away from friends and family and I sometimes also miss some kind of routine and a permanent home. But that will happen with every decision you make it will never be absolutely perfect and maybe the people around you won’t understand what, how and why you are doing something. But the only important thing is that you are content and happy with your own choices and the life you lead because no one else can do that for you. So, just go follow your heart and create the reality you want to live in and be grateful for everything you already have! I’m off to get a coconut!

Peace out and talk to you soon again ✌