Peel down the layers
One by one
Get to the core
To your essence
To what you have been along

Before they came
and covered your skin
with fabrics and colors
never designed for you
never your size

You came here already complete
You don’t need a costume
You don’t need camouflage
You don’t need silk and pashmina
You don’t need make-up
Your are pure perfection from the start
You are everything you need
You are everything

But they made you forget
How it feels
To be naked
To be the one you are
You became afraid
of how they would look
how they would judge
If you stripped down
And showed yourself bare
You even became afraid
That you would not recognize yourself anymore
That you would not like what you’d find
Beneath all of these layers

But you are beautiful and unique
Raw and edgy
The best version of yourself
Stretching and expanding constantly
You will never fit into a one size suit
No matter how hard you try
It will always feel wrong and uncomfortable
You will never breathe fully
In these clothes they put you in

So peel them down
All of these layers
Get undressed
Look underneath
Look inside
Find the essence
Find yourself
Find everything