How magical this life is!
This life which they told me was full of
restrictions, hardship, impossibilities
But look! It is possible
It is possible to live
Aren’t we here to do just that
To breathe, to feel, to recognize
To wonder, to stumble to fall and get up again
To take our steps on this timeline we get
Never knowing which will be the last one
Whether you pay into your pension
Or live from paycheck to paycheck
If you live in Bandunu, El Pluma, Aschaffenburg or in New York
If you drive your expensive sportscar or a horse carriage
If you are the proud owner of a big company or a pebble collection
If you sleep on a cardboard in the streets
or drink kale smoothies in your marble kitchen
If you believe in god, the trees or your mother
If you get excited by a ticket around the world
or a ticket for a rollercoaster ride
If you sing at the Scala for a big audience
or in your own shower for your cat
If you listen to hiphop, jazz, birds or your old neighbor cursing
If you have 4 children or 4 dogs or 4 toothbrushes
If you wish for a job promotion, a hug or just making it through the night
If you make Quesadillas, Pieroggi, Sushi or Schnitzl
If you love men or women or the moon
If your skin tone matches the color of white, brown, black or green beans
If you walk, run, crawl, jump, fly or roll

We are all heading into the the same direction
into deaths arms
And when he finally embraces us
We all dissolve back into nothingness
Or the big whole
However you want to call it
But till then we ought to live
And don’t just go for the special offers
Or the discount tickets
Take the whole damn thing
You sometimes have to pay a high price
But who knows
you might get a reward afterwards

Oh how magical this life is
where everything is possible
Everything you dare to believe


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