It is quiet on the mountain
It is quiet by the lake
It is quiet at the seashore
Where I just sit and wait

Where I sit and wait for thoughts
Where I sit and wait for words
Where I sit and wait so long
Until it starts to hurt

Until all of my feelings
Come crashing over me
Until I can’t escape
What I really need to see

What usually is covered
By all the noise around
By all those nagging voices
And disturbing city sounds

And as the noises stop
I start to comprehend
Everything that hurts
Just helps me to understand

Just like a stone blocking a cave
That you have to remove
To bring in all the light
When you want to find the truth

When everything is quiet
When no one is around
Someone whispers me the answers
So I can write them down

So I sit quiet on the mountain
I sit quiet by the lake
I sit quiet at the seashore
I just sit and wait