On my trip to Mexico in 2017 I met a German guy in my hostel and we decided to explore some Mayan ruins together. Of course I first asked him what his job was and and we talked a round about his and my profession. But only at the end of the day we spent togeher I found out that he was making music and wrote lyrics in his free time. Suddenly, when he was talking about that, there was a sparkle in his eyes which immediately got to me. It gave me a totally new impression of him. And boy, I was impressed by his messages, lyrics and beats when I got a first listen on the busride home.

This story always reminds me to try to start a conversation not by asking what someone is doing for a job but what their true passion is. What excites them. What do they love to do. Their „Herzsache“ (matter of the heart). That usually tells such a more powerful story about a person than a jobtitle. And in the best case passion and job are even the same thing!

Long story short, please give this talented gentleman, Renas, with his intelligent wordgames and heartfilling lyrics a listen because the world needs more people and messages like this!!

Leg die Hand auf meine Brust
Und höre drauf, was mein Herz halt so brummt
innere stimme der Vernunft
dass die meisten für sie Taub sind
ist für Vieles hier der Grund

Renas Tokan – Herzssache

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