Wherever I go
I always miss those keys
The feeling when my fingers touch the smooth, polished surface
The moment before I push them down
It is filled with silence
But already holds all the tones that are about to come
A pause
Before I pour my heart all over it
And then with a soft pressure
The first note escapes
Breaking the stillness
The first raindrop of a thunderstorm
My hands begin to tremble
My fingers start to run faster
Up and down
In waves
Out of my control
I am out at sea
In a little boat
Guided by an external force
The melodies come crashing in
Shaken to the core by what is going on outside
I am unable to escape the motion
But try to move with it
Sometimes drowning under water
Holding my breath
Feeling the beauty in the roughness
Of these crooked tones
Sometimes floating on the surface
Dancing on the water
In total harmony
No matter where I am
I let go
I let go of myself and give in
to this black and white storm
This melodious depth
This musical force
Let it carry me
I forget about time and space
Only me, my hands and these keys
Until the storm pulls away
The winds settle
And with the last raindrop
I release the pressure
And take my hands away
The final note still hanging in the air
Is taken over by silence
Which still vibrates from all the tones that just escaped
And I feel relieved
I always miss those keys
Wherever I go



While I wrote this I was listening to Jean-Michel Blais. Incredibly beautiful piano music!
You can listen to it here

Talk to you soon again