The lover’s dance does not require a choreography
Without fixed movement
The motion flows fluid and free
For no couple can be compared
It’s a unique performance
Which can not be shared
A choreography is made out of limited and well known steps
But the lover’s dance should be much more
It goes beyond familiar precepts
It should bend our believes and stretch our souls
It should widen our hearts
Break us out of our emotional walls
The lover’s dance may often seem crooked and out of place
A formation of faults
That still bears world’s most elegant grace
A choreography has a beginning and always an end
But the lover’s dance creates an infinite bond
A timeless and continuous blend
A choreographed dance is precise and perfect
But lovers are humans
They are bound to forget
They may skip a step and may make mistakes
But they learn and they grow
Through what imperfection creates

The lover’s dance does not require a choreography
It is forever composed
by a peculiar mystery