There is a woman inside of me
Who I am trying to find
Who I am trying to be

She is kind and so full of love
She needs no outside approval
Being herself is perfect enough

She likes to stay quiet and calm
Full of mystery
With an irresistible charm

She is the balanced kind
Both soft and strong
With an equanimous mind

She worships the good and the bad
Both are her teachers
that guide her ahead

She speaks her words with intentional care
Does not waste a syllable
And refuses to swear

She has an open and inspiring heart
Turning her feelings
Into music and art

She is not trying to please everyone
She goes her own way
And sings her individual song

She is independent and free
No one dictates
Where she shall go or who she shall be

She is full of knowledge of any kind
Reads books and poems
To feed her forever curious mind

She calls the world her home
Glides through cultures and countries
Never afraid of feeling alone

She allows herself to make mistakes
Avoids pointless perfection
But watches the steps she carefully takes

She is her true self with every fiber
A warrior woman
With a soul stronger and wilder

She is the woman that I try to be
The woman inside
One day she’ll be me