In the beginning
I always get insecure
dubious doubts disturb my mind
What are you doing?
What is all this for?
Why do you always leave your comfortzone?
But then I go outside
to take a breath
of this air filled with
adventure and discovery
and the overwhelming scent of
And immediately I know
why I’m on the road again


I’ve been in Colombo for three days now and I have to say it hit me like a sledgehammer how hard these first travel days can be. I keep forgetting about that. Everything is new, you do not know your way around. The culture is new and you first have to adapt to it and learn how life works in this environment. Additionally, Colombo is not the cute, little and homey town but rather a big noisy and stressy city. So well here I am wondering once more: What the hell am I actually doing and why?

But there are already these small glimpses , smiles from people on the street, the comfy feeling when you discover a nice, little cafe where you can just sit, relax and tame the circus that is going on in your head. The delicious tastes of food you never had in your life before. So, I’ll try to remember not to get too stressed any more in these first days. To take it slow in the beginning and not try to go, see and do everything all at once. And to take a big breath at first to take in this oh so sweet travelscent!

Talk to you soon again