When I travel
It’s like walking through the door
Setting foot on my apartment floor 
Airports, Bus stops 
are the entrance gates 
into my outbound real estate

I’m living midst the beauty of this earth 
A place of invaluable worth
And as I’m walking down the hall 
There’s foreign places behind every wall

I just step through a door
Discovering a spot I haven’t been before
Wandering from one room to the next
I rest in corners I like best

This world is full of hidden treasures 
Limitless with indefinite measures 
I turn and try to navigate
Through rooms which nature decorates

My bathtub is a lake
In hammocks I awake
My rooftop is a mountain
The shower is a water fountain 
The hallway is a road
My bag is my wardrobe
The staircase is a waterfall
A river flows into the entrance hall 
My backyard is the ocean front
I have everything I ever want

So when I fall asleep in starlit beds
I have no doubts, no worries nor regrets 
Cause my journeys are my home
They are the place where I belong