While I dream of finding back home
I watch a helium filled blue ballon
On his flight across the cloud sprinkled sky
Leaving solid grounds and reaching up high

Maybe in order to find your way home
You first have to wander off on your own
Leaving familiar faces and blinding believes
To find out where your own story leads

The moment you lift off might cause pain and fear
As the world below you starts to disappear
It tears you apart to leave your loved ones behind
They’ll try to grab you and pull you back inside

As you realize that you’re ascending alone
you probably wish you would have never left home
You start to search for a way back
But the wind catches you and puts you on the right track

And within the air’s light embrace
You lift higher into divinities grace
And the freedom of the boundless blue sky
Let’s you soon forget the worries before you started to fly

You start to enjoy your solitary ride
and realize you can go wherever you like
Nothing and no one is holding your string
And you start to hear the desires you’ve been hiding within

While your story begins to unfold
You start to see through the lies you’ve been told
And that there is nothing wrong with whoever you are
Everything is possible and no dream too far

You will inspire the ones who watch from below
Showing them how easy is it is to let go
And some of them will also start to go high
Coming to meet you up in the sky

Little blue balloon continue your flight
Always remember there is no wrong or right
If you keep following the call of your soul
You will always, always be home