I haven’t found the love of my life

I have found to love my life


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  1. Dumela Ma Theresa ( means good day to a woman in the TSWANA language) Greetings from Africa to New Zealand. I thoroughly enjoyed your pictures, my favourite is the one with a reddish plant which allows a sneak preview onto the lake with mountains in the background . After visiting clients in South Africa I went to Namibia, got three camels from a farmer and went a couple of days along I dried out riverbed, meeting on day 3 a bushman clan with whom I stayed for a couple of days and enjoyed their hospitality. There are only a couple of hundred left who still hunt with the bow and live in clans in the Kalahari desert between Namibia and Botswana. A lot of joy is the Cheetah project in Namibia were Cheetahs orphans are trained in order to re- introduce them back into wilderness. See picture. Your poem Wait and See touched me, especially those lines “just like a stone blocking a cave that you have to remove to let in all the light when you want to find the truth. ” A couple of weeks ago I wrote you that leaving the comfort zone is a key issue for a happy life.In regards to your lines which say “by all those nagging voices and disturbing city sounds “I just want to mention, that we have the capability of converting negative aspects in life in to positive aspects , a special technique which I discovered in the Japanese art of Aikido 15 years ago and it helped me in both business and private life. Wishing you Safe travels, continue your creativity and I look forward to another wonderfull Ukulele song. fellow world traveler Mike

  2. If you have not found your Love yet but
    you love your life,
    you love yourself,
    you love people
    love nature
    love leaving comfort zones
    you will find your love
    Believe me