Life often doesn’t draw a precise pictureWe see tiny fragments through the cracksBut trust, with time the structureWill fill in all the blanks ©mywritingtherapy


I will touch you cautiouslyI will touch you slowI will take my time Until we know where this will go A touch may give you pleasureBut it can also cause you painReal Pleasure only comesIf our feelings are the same I do not want to scar your skinI want both our wounds to healBut yet I […]

Running meditation

I run and I runLet all the thoughts comeI run and I runTill all thoughts are gone ©mywritingtherapy

Follow your heart

Your heart knows the wayDon’t let your eyes fool youWhile they only see what they knowThe heart perceives what’s way beyond ©mywritingtherapy


As I watch you sleepingI try to find out what I feelCould this be somethingCould this be something real Will we last forever and everAre you the one?And if it gets windyCan we make it through the storm Can we be good to each otherEven at times when it seems that we can’tCan we accept […]

Surf lesson

One woman’swaveIs another woman’swaiting line ©mywritingtherapy

Wilder Mind

With this wilder mindI am the wandering kindMy restless feet take me around I am not made to settle down Always moving never stillDaily routines makes me illA constant hunger for the newInfected with the travel flu Freedom hunter on the moveSearching for a deeper truthForever trying to find outWhat this life is all about Guided […]


I’m just so tired Trying to explainThe state that I’m inThat I feel all this pain It’s so dark where I amthe last match has burned outAnd nobody hearsHow I desperately shout And I am so sorryTo put that burden on youYou’re my last resortI don’t know what else to do I need you right […]

Wie kann Liebe wachsen

Wie kann Liebe wachsenUnd wo bekomme ich die SaatIn meinem Supermarkt um die EckeIm FachhandelOder bestell ich sie besser onlineWie bringe ich sie zum KeimenWelchen Nährboden verwende ich am BestenWie viel Licht braucht sieWie viel AufmerksamkeitWie viel muss ich selber tunUnd wie viel wächst sie ganz von alleineWie weiß ich, wann sie einen neuen Topf […]


Why is it that there are so manyWho love me for meBut for you I’m never enoughAlthough I’ve tried so desperately Why do you persist on trying to changeThe way that I’m livingYou better take me as I am todayBecause tomorrow’s not given It’s so hard to keep up these rolesOf our happy faced masqueradeWhen […]