As I watch you sleeping
I try to find out what I feel
Could this be something
Could this be something real

Will we last forever and ever
Are you the one?
And if it gets windy
Can we make it through the storm

Can we be good to each other
Even at times when it seems that we can’t
Can we accept the other
Including all the parts we don’t understand

Can you hold me tight
On days when I’m falling
And can you set me free
On days when the world is calling (for me)

Are we able to let us
Go our own and individual way
Watch and cheer from the sideline
And jump in if one of us goes astray

Are we willing to forgive
All the mistakes we will make
Can we look past our faults
And always see the person behind the mistake

Will we remain honest friends 
Throughout the years
And communicate clearly
All of our desires, insecurities and fears

Will we continue to laugh
About nonsense, this mad world and ourselves
Can we keep it lightly
Even if life puts heavy weights on our shelves 

Will our bodies still desire each other
Even after the thousandth touch
Still long for the ecstasy
Of which we can’t get enough

Will you still love me 
When I’m old and grey
when my eyes and breasts are wrinkled
And my booty shows signs of decay

Will we hold hands
On that day when death invites one of us to leave
Will the memories we have built together
Save us from drowning in grief

Will this life be better
If we stay together?

All of these questions
Are floating around
Do we need all the answers
To figure this out?

Because for now we are here
Wrapped up side by side
and as I watch you breathing
There’s no place I’d rather hide

We’ll just take it from here
One step at a time
No rush and no hurry
Let’s just follow the signs

I’ll give you my all
For as long as I can
For as long as you
Decide to be my man

And then you woke up
And your gaze met mine
I put the questions aside
And our bodies simply intertwined