This morning
I watched an eagle pass by my balcony
I admired his grace
As he floated in the wind so effortlessly
I asked how could I get so wild and free
To put my life on thin air
To trust the flow as he
His wings spread wide
He presents himself fully with pride
And gracefully goes
Wherever the wind blows
But to change his action
He simply performs a single flap
Into a different direction
And with an envious sigh
I watched him go high
Trying to follow him with my eye
But he soon disappeared in the sky
And my heart released a desireful cry
Oh my, oh my
I wish I could fly


One Response

  1. hello world traveller, thoroughly enjoyed your wording of The Eagle . In actual fact when I was parachuting for the first time the feeling of being able to fly was there and I was screaming full of joy. A wonderful gliding process in the air which you can conduct ,although only for a couple of minutes, leads to an incredible feeling of endless flow and unlimited energising. As previously mentioned in my messages it again needed to cross the comfort zone.At the beginning its scary, only the thought of hopping out of a plane. And as always it was worth it. My African stay is over. I had a similar experience like you when watching the Eagle when my bushman friend with whom I swapped his bow towards mine , in our walks in the Kalahari Desert we sat often together and watched the graceful moves of the oryx antelopes and the graceful jumps of the grazile Springboks. I picked up a couple of phrases from him with the funny clicks in the pronunciation and when I was repeating the words he was laughing so much. Probably I was sounding so awkward or my facial expression was too much for him.I feel sometimes sad as in some years remaining bushmen will , as civilisation will absorb them step-by-step will vanish. there are only a couple of hundred Buschman left who live in clans.I really appreciate their simplicity of life and often I am overwhelmed by their humour and laughter. . I am now heading for the United States going to Atlanta being a mediator for a factory with a father & son conflict, then to Portland Oregon on the West Coast. The company I’m visiting our manufacturing in game cameras in order tom furnish tiger reserves in India and game reserves in Botswana Namibia. During my trip on the camels in the Kalahari testing some product for their reliability and quality, I composed two piano pieces which I am eager to play whe I have access to a piano I will forward. It is amazing how nature & animals inspire. Went to my diaries over past years I composed piano pieces from this particular region and I am now evaluating if I should give them the title of the particular geographical region like the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, or theBurnese raft trip I am the Mekok River etc..Enjoy NZ and be creative! Ukulele songs wanted.Mike