I long to talk about all the things I feel
But it’s too much for many
If things start to get too real
When you unpack the garbage in front of their eyes
Start to uncover all of the lies
And you show them what’s really inside your heart
That’s why I put my feelings into my art
My writing, my music, my photography
So everybody who wants can come and see
How I make a straddle
Through life’s constant battle
Maybe they can relate too
It might safe them a sorrow or two
Because we are all wading through a puddle of dirt
With clenched teeth, scratched skin and a torn shirt
Fidgeting blindly and lying prone
But all of us have to fight this battle alone
No one else can remove your pain
All they can do is hand you a cane
For you to lean on
For you to carry on
Because we can help each other if we share
How we feel when we end up down there
Helpless, anxious and with no hope
Maybe as a last resort we even start to pray to the pope
But you do not have to wander all the way to Rome
Eventually all the roads lead to your home
To your soul, to your self
And don’t doubt your mental health
It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows
What life’s struggle really shows
Is how much potential you have
And with each breath you manage to stay alive
Though you may have reached your physical height
Your spirit grows further and may take flight
When you look back and you see how far you have come
You’ll realize that we are all one

So we should share our view
Especially if we made it through
We have to go back and pick those ones up
Who are still struggling, who are still stuck
Because next time it might be us who need direction
Or a bandage for our soul’s fraction

And I can truly say
That art has already saved me in so many ways
When you know you are not the only one
Who feels empty, scared and alone
That already eases the dark
It’s like borrowing a lighter to ignite your own spark

Our greatest gift is to learn from and with each other
We’d still live in caves if we acted completely separate from one another
That’s why we should talk about how we are feeling
It’s not selfish, it’s healing

So with my art I try to draw a map
But please never forget
That this is my way and might not be yours
But it might inspire a lost sailor to find a new course