You don’t need to be perfect
You put that pressure on yourself
You say to you all those things
You would never dare say to anyone else

When you look at the mirror
All you see is faults and flaws
Constantly comparing what is
To what once was

Wrinkles and lines
Red dots and scars
Thinning, grey hair
Too much weight and stretch marks

When will you see that they are nothing
But a beautiful gift
A visible sign and a constant reminder
Of all the years you have lived

Signs from everything that brought your here
Tracing back the long way you’ve come
All the roads you have traveled
All the battles you’ve won

You’ve been through it all
You’ve made it till here
Still, you stand in front of the mirror
Wishing all of it would just disappear

You want to smooth it all out
Cover it up
Tear down the layers
Make it all stop!

Well, who are you then?
A surfaceless face
A picture perfect model
With an empty, lifeless gaze

I just wish you could see
What I do
This masterpiece of life’s art
Yeah, I am talking to you