Adventures calling

On a plane high up in the skyBelow snowcapped mountains are passing byUp here the engines are haulingBut I only hear how foreign adventures are calling @mywritingtherapy


Life often doesn’t draw a precise pictureWe see tiny fragments through the cracksBut trust, with time the structureWill fill in all the blanks ©mywritingtherapy


I do not knowIf we will be togetherThrough any stormThrough any weather But I will try to fall in love with youEvery single day anew ©mywritingtherapy

Fluid Wisdom

Don’t tell me that water is not aliveThe lakes, the rivers and the oceansFor they have told me more truthThan any human ever did

Get lost

If you don’t know where to goGo get lost


Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginableMary Oliver

Dancing in the dark

Deep down where all the lights are out There’s only one way left Straight through all the darkness Where all our fears are kept With my arms and heart open I let myself fall Embracing the shadows For they are all a part of my soul And in the dim I will dance With each […]

At the end of the day

  Dandelion: “Will you come back tomorrow?” Sun: “Every single day, my dear!”

How does love grow

How does love grow And where do I get the seed Can I get it at the store around the corner Or do I order it online Where do I have to plant it What kind of soil do I have to use How much light does it need How much attention How much nourishment […]

Unknown roads

Unknown roadslead tounknown goals ©mywritingtherapy

Dear road

Dear roadSo long and so wideYou’ve been my companionOn so many rides You’re a good oneWe always got along fineYou showed me the worldI just had to follow your line I took your leadEven on your bumpiest waysAnd with each detourYou brought me right to this place I would not be hereIf it weren’t for […]

Summerday’s remnants

In clear cold waterGently carried by the wavesFloat the memoriesOf those two summer days ©mywritingtherapy


Destination Daydream traveling on a train track of thoughts while world’s visions vanish ©mywritingtherapy


Nach langer weiter Reise Komm ich endlich hier zu Ruh Den Bergen so gewaltig und so leise Schau ich nun beim Schweigen zu Obwohl sie hier schon ewig steh’n Ungebeugt von Sturm und Wind Hab’n sie so viel mehr geseh’n Als ich weit gereistes Menschenkind Eine Weile will ich bleiben Lass die Welt an mir […]


Going nowhere is my favorite direction ©mywritingtherapy

Sensation diary

When I look at my photographs From places far away It’s as if my feet touch the sand The scent of the open world starts to swirl about my nose Contentment softly strokes my skin My hair gets whirled by freedom’s breeze Rays of wonder start to blind my eyes My heart beat races against […]

Blue Balloon

While I dream of finding back home I watch a helium filled blue ballon On his flight across the cloud sprinkled sky Leaving solid grounds and reaching up high Maybe in order to find your way home You first have to wander off on your own Leaving familiar faces and blinding believes To find out […]

Under the apple tree

Under the apple tree from where I write I witness a dance between shadow and light lead by wind’s whisper they sprinkle the stage beneath the hovering pen and on the blank page Lady Light in her round, yellow gown Sir shadow in grey fills up the space all around While he forever stays firm […]

The eagle

This morning I watched an eagle pass by my balcony I admired his grace As he floated in the wind so effortlessly I asked how could I get so wild and free To put my life on thin air To trust the flow as he His wings spread wide He presents himself fully with pride […]

Sit and wait

It is quiet on the mountain It is quiet by the lake It is quiet at the seashore Where I just sit and wait Where I sit and wait for thoughts Where I sit and wait for words Where I sit and wait so long Until it starts to hurt Until all of my feelings […]

Love will find you

Love will find you Love will find you in the most lonely situations Love will find you in the biggest crisis Love will find you in the most fundamental doubts Love will find you through the heaviest rain Love will find you in the biggest storm Love will find you in the deepest despair Love […]

Wild thunder

I am a wild thunder of emotions Uncountable and untamed they storm within me over me and out of me It is my temperament Nothing I can escape But you told me to keep it at bay Because you could not handle all of me So I let myself be tamed I locked it all […]

Water therapy

I need to feel the ocean or else my mind runs dry ©mywritingtherapy

I wake up early

I wake up earlyto witnessHow darkness turns into lightHow the world awakensHow new life beginsIn an endless circleDay and night, night and daytaking their turns in an infinite playTwo forces so vigorousThat even the sky’s boundless stageis only big enough for each at a timeInstead of outplaying the otherthey share their space equallyEveryone presents their […]


I am not just a body to serve all of your pleasures I am not just a vessel to hold all of your desires I am not just a canvas for your lust’s projections I am not just a toy you can fool around with anytime I am not just a mouth for your lips […]

In between the dark

In between the darkIn a streak of lightA feline shadow hidesWatching day turn into night ©mywritingtherapy


Floating on fluid freedom weightlessly embraced by clarity ©mywritingtherapy